Saturday, November 28, 2009

True Blue Winx! has came along way. .

Thank you for making True Blue Winx! a nice, wonderful, magical website that has 11 followers now!! True Blue Winx! has gone along way since it first started! thank you for the memories that pasted and the memories to come. . .

Another new blog!

Bloom's diary is NOW OPEN!!

What bloom's diary blog spot is about:

From the first episode of winx bloom has an imaginary diary that every thing in her life is written down on these virtual pages!

Bloom's diary is now on my link list! click it to start reading!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Bloom Dollmaker!

Boo of the Tecno Page recently released a new Bloom dollmaker. It can be found HERE. It includes Sophiex, cowgirls, Believix, Enchantix, biker, Dark Bloom, and many other outfits. Quite cool :)

News Changes!!

As you see there is a new True Blue Winx!! and Thanks For Coming! sign(s)!

Also new:

Diary of bloom Blog! (coming november 28)!!

Even More Pictures (on Winx Pictures blog) coming november 31!!

Faragonda, Baltor, lord Darkar, and more Winx Character on my Winx Characters blog coming november 29!!

And you wont believe whats in store for DECEMBER!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Faerie Personality Quiz!!

have you ever thought what faerie you could be??

Well here is a quiz that says what fairy (or faerie) you could be!

More about this Quiz:

What are the powers?
The powers are: Darkness, Light, Air, Earth, Water, and Fire!

Do you get anything?
Yes! You get a picture of the fairy you get!

What did you get?
I am an Air fairy and will post my picture on my blog!

Go to the top of the links and click: FAERIE PERSONALITY QUIZ!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New on!!

it is now allowed to buy wings on!!

Where?: near stella you will see faragonda click on her!

How do you buy them?: Just Click on them!

Also NEW NeW NEW Sale for winter clothes at the shop!!

Where?: Click Closet Then click shop!

Also! Pink Stars ARE NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY!!! ( look at the top of your character! click on the pink star and you will see how to buy them!!)



Happy Thankgiving!! (for tomorrow since i wot be here ill be with family!!) come back soon for more WINX!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Here is a real article i found from wikipedia on season four of winx club:

There are two other new transformations in season four after believix! First its its Sophix (as you all may know!) Its the power of believix, like charmix in season two. Sophix has the power of environment and it is given to them by The Eternal Fairies. Then there is Lovix! (hold up, when did Lovix come along? hmmm. . . lets see) it's another powerup from believix and it is used for a colder climate!
Sophix is not the only transformation of season four! get ready for:


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An end and A beginning. .

Its end to fairy friends blog spot :'( moment of silence. . . BUT!!! theres a ROXY BLOG!!! Now on my links!! it has a bio of roxy and lots of pictures of roxy too! hope you can see my new blog!

New winx love and pet pictures!

Here are some winx love and pet pictures (from angela's winx world!) check out angela's winx for more pictures like this!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winx wallpapers

These are winx wallpapers i made myself! (if anybody copies this ill be sooo sad! :'( please don't!) they are from seasons 1-4 and the movie! (click the picture to make them bigger!) stay tuned for more home made pictures from True Blue Winx!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Episode 426 Screenshots Part 1

Some screenshots from episode 426. I'll post more tomrrow.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pictures from season 4

As you see these pictures arent posted in many blogs! thats why i posted them! (shot them myself) they didnt take long to find cute winx pictures from season four! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ian's Introduction Post

Hmmmm...I've never done one of these before...(after minutes of thinking)

Hi! My name is Ian and I am, as Whitney said, a die hard Winx fan. I started up the blog Winx-Bakugan-Pokemon which became much more popular than I expected!! Which I am very happy about! :) I got this part because of a business deal with Whitney. Seeing that both of our blogs weren't all that popular, we decided that we would put up links to each others blogs! Therefore, when someone goes to either blog, they would visit the other! But becuase I know a little HTML I would put a picture of my blog up with the link to my blog leading there, like I did for this one on mine. And that's how it happened! I have 6 writers on my blog the first was Me of course! The second was Phoebe Faulkner from Winx-Fairies, who got it for inspiring me to make the blog and for being a very good friend of mine! (Not in real life.) The third was Grace Qute, also for inspiring me and also for being a good friend! (Not in real life either) The fourth was gamercatgirl from You Misunderestimate Me and she also helps out on Winx-Fairies. She was recruited for all of the some reasons as the last two. Fourth was Bloomerica from Winx Club 4 Ever because she is such a HUGE Winx fan. Fifth was Robin because she loves Pokemon (hence the name Winx-Bakugan-Pokemon) and Winx and the blog was not very popular, so when someone asked, I said "Sure!". Wow. I reeeeally draged on there, now didn't I? Oh yeah, I live in Pttsburgh, Pennsylvania, but I was born in New Jersey. (I live in America.) I moved to Pennsylvania when I was about 3 months old. Well I guess thats it. Or more than it. Haha! Thanks!!

Is is gone??

Fairy friends isnt popular. . . i might shut it down if nobody joins!

Winx season 4 dolls

As you see the winx dolls in the old boxes look a little like the winx dolls in concert (stella with guitar and same hair, flora with guitar and same jacket and shirt!) I wonder when these came out? some time in 2009 since layla is there and they look like the season four dolls!

More New Poses

More pictures, again courtesy of Winx City Girls

A new writer. . .

Here is the new writer for my blog:

Ian! a good friend and a dye heart winx fan!

Welcome the new member to the team!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A lot has changed. . .

As you may know, there is a winx season 1 pc game (came out around 2005) and the pictures of bloom with pedals are from that game and the rest are from winx dance game (2009) as you see though alot has changed in the winx digital age. . .
Hope you like these

Im sorry!

I am so so so sorry! please forgive me phoebe! Ian is my good friend and i hope you will forgive me! i am really SORRY! -*Tear*

Hope we can be friends again! i feel so embarrassed

Monday, November 09, 2009

Remember them??

This is a pictures from season 4 and I know mitzi but do u know those two girls (or should i say WITCHES!) remember them? there are from seasons 1-3 and they are cloud tower witches!! what are they doing with mitzi?? we may never know. . . . .

A little weird. . .

i know this might sound weird but, i don't know how to make my own back ground on my blog site!! could anyone help me?? (like winx-fairies website) i need my own picture for my back ground!

New evil pixies???

As you see the cute pixies are so adorable but look who is next to them?? New pixies are wonderful but those don't look so friendly! (the evil pixie boy is still kinda cute and look just like riven :)!!)

picture from angela's winx world!
Post and info from true blue winx (winx whitney)!

Winx Believix and Concert dolls!

Here are some believix and concert dolls!! (pictures and credits go to Angela's winx world!)

Hope you like it!! :) :) :)