Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Here is a real article i found from wikipedia on season four of winx club:

There are two other new transformations in season four after believix! First its its Sophix (as you all may know!) Its the power of believix, like charmix in season two. Sophix has the power of environment and it is given to them by The Eternal Fairies. Then there is Lovix! (hold up, when did Lovix come along? hmmm. . . lets see) it's another powerup from believix and it is used for a colder climate!
Sophix is not the only transformation of season four! get ready for:



gamercatgirl said...

It's Sophiex according to the official Italian site.

Winx Whitney said...

Sophiex isn't Lovix! its two completely different transformations

gamercatgirl said...

I know, but you wrote "Sophix", so I corrected you.

Winx Whitney said...

oh okay thx