Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fairy profile for winx-fairies contest! (back from vacation!)

Full name: Princess Savannah Esmala

Current age: 18

Power: Air and wind

Favorite color: Silver

Special hobbies: Biking, Parasailing, Hanging with friends, and Flying!

Realm: Cloudius, Earth

Friends: Lucy, Gina, and Cleo

Best friend: used to be Roxy but savannah moved to new york!

Current Boyfriend: Jake

Power skills: wind storm, air tornado, and flying spear!

Pixie: Violet, pixie of colors

Animal: Kiki the Koala

Family: Reena, mother. James, father. Dimitry, big brother.

Home: 568 cloud court, cloud palace.

Date of tranformation: 7/14/06

Style: colorful, lots of accesories and necklaces, she wears NY print hats and shirts sometimes.

Current location: Anaheim, New York, U.S.A, Earth.

School: North ridge private school

Other colors: Purple, Blue, Red, and Yellow!

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black and Silver

Personality: When angry very loud, mostly cheerful but can get stubborn and emotional, loves weather and her old planet, respects people; doesnt like crowds or trends, very original and unique, loves to be herself and just stand out!

Story: Savannah was born of high class, got the largest toys, golden spoons and expensive clothes, she had the perfect life! but Savannah wasn't happy, she just wanted to be free, her over protective parents kept her inside, thinking she was a small fragile girl, until she was seven when she found out she was kept from the world! no friends. no relationships with anybody. she was just alone, until one day she felt so alone, she looked outside her window and sighed, looking far away, behind the guarded gates, and saw a young skinny boy in the faded streets, he looked hungry and tired but still had a smile on his face, she watched as he played in the dirty streets with his little ball, then she looked up and watched the older fairies streacthing their beautiful wings, flying to new planets, meeting new exciting people, exploring new incredible lands, her eyes widened as she watched them float with their pixies, smiling and having a good time made her sad and alone. Then she glanced back at the boy and saw he was staring at her. she smiled and got her coat, she was going to try to escape this time, and succeed. she snuck passed the guards, she backed away in a corner but a guard caught her! she wanted to escape! nothing was gonna stop her, "STOP!" she screamed in fright of the guards, she blasted wind towards them and they fell unconscious, that was the first time she discovered her powers. she stormed outside and met up with the boy, after years of sneaking out and meeting in alleys, they became best friends, when Savannah was fifteen she had to move, they both cried when she moved to earth, her parents were of different worlds, her mother, Reena, born on earth and raised there, she traveled to Cloudius in the summer when her and James met, James was born on Cloudius and was used to magical things, unlike Reena. They decided to move to Earth. But James was uncertain about the world, in the end they adapted quite well. The boy, whose name was read to be Jake moved several years later. Savannah and her family lived in gardenia for seven years when they came, she met Roxy but was scared to show her powers to her, later she moved to new york where she left Roxy.... Jake and Savannah started going out up to the present, they stay in touch but things are getting complicated, Savannah hopes she can improve her powers and tell her parents, but her ultimate goal is to protect her worlds from danger!


gamercatgirl said...

The image at the top is by BBlova on DeviantArt. She doesn't want her work spread around, I highly suggest you remove it as per her wishes.

Winx Whitney said...

so sorry ill make my own, sorry! :)

Winx Whitney said...

i finished! i spent like an hour making this new picture form my desktop, hope you like it! :)