Tuesday, December 15, 2009


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w it has NOTHING to do with winx club but i just watched anastasia and i was inspired to read more on wikipedia! it said that anastasia was seventeen when she was killed and this is the last photo EVER of her alive. For those of you who watched anastasia the movie you can understand that it is science fiction (lol)


Anonymous said...

That was really the last photo??

gamercatgirl said...

Historical Fiction, actually. Based on history with added fiction (Like Rasputin being a wizard instead of just a jerk) I used to the love the movie as a kid ^_^

Winx Whitney said...

yah, Rasputin was really a dictator with far more troops that the romanov family, so the whole wizard/bat thing is indeed Historial fiction! (i love the part in the movie when the bat said "Lets just drop the girl and get a life!" lol!!)