Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dafne Bio

People haven't talked about dafne at all and i thought (finally) that i would make a bio about her (it will be posted on winx characters to!)

Dafne Peters

Age: about 17 years older than bloom

Color: orange and yellow

Powers: she had the dragon fire but gave it all up for bloom (she can still have powers)

Best friend: Bloom!

History: long ago (about seventeen years ago from seasons 1-2) the planet of sparks was under attack by the three ancestral witches (descendants of icy, darcy, and stormy!) and dafne knew they both would not make it, so dafne (about 17 years old) gave up her live to let bloom live with the dragon fire. she sent her to the one place in the universe that was now magic free! later in the movie and some episodes she comes back as a spirit guardian to help bloom and guard her to find out who she really is!


gamercatgirl said...

Her last name isn't Peters, that's Bloom's adoptive parents' last name in the 4Kids dub only.

Winx Whitney said...

oh okay, sorry! :)