Saturday, February 13, 2010

haters of winx

I was look at winx youtube videos when i stumbled on some nasty haters that have a piece of mind about winx club. Its very hard to believe some people do not like winx! but this is just crazy, but people have different opinions right? anyway, my theory is they didn't listen to the winx to see its an awesome show! please don't trash winx until you officaly know there story and episodes! (don't judge a TV show by its looks)

p.s the comments that say she's the worst girl, there talking about roxy! so sad :'(


gamercatgirl said...

They never said they don't like Winx, just that they don't like Roxy, Believix, or Enchantix. If they didn't watch the show they wouldn't know the names of the transformations or likely anything about Roxy. They were simply stating their opinions, just because they're not totally in favor of the show doesn't mean they're 'haters'. I know Winx has flaws and I'm willing to admit them, does that make me a 'hater'?

Winx Whitney said...

Im really sorry, if you go on winx bakugan pokemon and look at comments it explains everything!

Also, did u delete your blog "People Against the Obamanation?"

Princesska28 said...

Whatever, I will put all of them along with Chimera,Diaspro and The Trix to cook them for the customers!!