Thursday, February 11, 2010

The magic is. . .

Have you ever wondered why trailers for movie and sequels kinda use the same quotes and slogans! that's kinda what happened with winx club movies 1 & 2, you see i was watching the trailer for the first winx movie when i heard a nice line at the end that said "The magic here"
Whoa Whoa Whoa! wait. . . in the second movie there is a line (not really the title but its still pretty important) that said "the magic is back!" i don't know about you but those two lines seem familiar. . . hmmm that's because the first movie was bloom finding her parents "the magic is here" line was supposed to be translated into "bloom finds her parents and saves her kingdom along with her dashing beautiful and courageous best friends and their super hot boyfriends to team up to save the world!!" But that's way to long. . . so they decided on "the magic is here (and back again)"

P.S not happy about colts losing to the saints at the super bowl!

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