Friday, April 23, 2010

A little more about Icy....

(some words from wikipedia and original concept from my older post 'A little more about Darcy...')

Name: Icy
Description: a witch once described as having a "heart of ice" Icy is the oldest and most powerful member of the trix, her main goal is to rule the universe.

Name in Latin (and means):
The latin word for Icy means Glacialis, which is defined as: icicle, frozen, or full of ice.

Appearance: In the first season, Icy usually wears light blue when she's not in her witch form.
Her outfit consists of a top with a short skirt like the Winx girls. her top is light blue with a collor, Icy's skirt is darker blue with a string of diamond shaped belt/accessories hung over it. She wears high laced light blue boots. Her ice blue hair is tied up into a long, high on head, ponytail.

Powers and Skills:
Icy's power is based on ice, she has been trained to keep all emotions except hatred and anger.
Here is a list of power abilities she shouted out during the winx series!

Ice coffin: can entrap an idem or person in a block of ice. (Used on bloom in second episode 'More than high school'

Frozen Prism: Releases a burst of ice engery twords one object, focusing it, then explodes leaving the opponent unconscious.

Ice crusher: A huge chunk of ice builds up next to the object fired at and grows until the thin piece of ice holding it up breaks, then the chunk of ice falls on the object and crushes it (Note: this power helped icy escape out of the omega dimmension!)

Blizzard: Just creates a blizzard on enemy and swirls them around

Arctic Burst: Releases a burst of ice energy, focusing it, which explodes, leaving the enemy unconscious

Ice hail: Attack that wipes out everything in her path

Ice Bracelet: causes a circle of ice to surround the enemy which gets smaller and smaller coiling around them.

Arctic Burst: Releases a fragment of ice energy, which is similar to Bloom's 'Dragon Fury'

Ice tower: Freezes almost anything in a line in front of her, and when hit with something, it entrap the person and forming a tower, entrapping her enemies, as seen in episode, Spelled, Icy used it to finish the already unconscious Tecna, who was knocked out my Stormy, Later, she uses her 'Freezing Coffin' attack to completely finish off Tecna.

Chill Strike: She creates an ice blade and impales it to her opponent.

Pierce Attack: Attacks someone with an ice crystal. She used it once in an episode, Spelled, when she battled the winx club, when she used it against Stella, who successfully dodged the attack and hid behind a car.

Frost bite: Makes the ice shoot out a chunk of ice. Icy used this in episode 3 (when the Trix and bloom were fighting)

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