Friday, April 09, 2010

more about new blog! (coming tomorrow!)

Some of you may or may not know but winx episode guide is gone and im making a new blog starting TOMORROW! here is more info on it:

name of blog: So Stella!

description: this is a fashion blog! it will tell the latest trends and whats hot for this week! every 2 weeks i will hold a virtual fashion show! it will be a selection of winx outfits that are really cute!
each post will be different but i wont post as quickly as i post on here, I will post about four days after each post (Min: Four days Max: a week and two days) sometimes the other winx will add their fashion but stella will be the main person!

Also! Movie Maddness (other new blog, not on link list because its not realted to winx) is now up and running!! its a blog about movies! if you heart movies you gotta check this blog out!!
original link ------->

More winx info coming soon!!

-winx whitney

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