Sunday, October 18, 2009

My winx favorites!!

I havent told you EVERYTHING about my favorites in winx club!! here is my complete profile!!

Favorite Winx character: Bloom!

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite season 1 winx fairy form: Flora ( i love the pink and the little flower necklace)

Favorite season 2 winx fairy form: Musa (her charmix is amazing i dove her little boom box on the side)

Favorite season 3 winx fairy form: Bloom (her enchantix is my favorite i love it so much!)

Favorite season 4 winx fairy form: Bloom (her believix is outstanding i love her enchantix too)

Favorite specialist: Helia (i would love a guy like helia he is so artsy and cute!! LIKE ME!!)

Favorite winx hair style: Tecna (she is so cute her hair is amazing Ilove it!)

Favorite Winx season 1 casual outfit: Bloom

Favorite winx season 2 casualoutfit: Flora

Favorite winx season 3 casual outfit: Musa

Favorite winx season 4 casual outfit: Roxy!!!

Please comment on ur favorites! THANKS FOR LOOKING AT MY POSTS!!

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