Saturday, October 24, 2009

Winx in Concert in Other Languages!

When Winx in Concert was released earlier this year, it was gobbled up by the fandom quicker than Sailor Moon fans could gobble up the redesign of the Sailor Moon site. But did you know there were dubs of Winx in Concert?

The first dub of the DVD to be released was the Turkish -

Wizkid696 has the entire dub posted on his profile.

The second dub to be released was the French dub -

YouTube user VlamDraak has all of the songs on his channel.

The newest dub to be released is the German dub -

YouTube user AnneOfWinxClub has some of the songs posted on her channel. Hopefully she will post the rest of them soon.

YouTube user rtyui608 has posted a multilanguage version of Unica/You're the One, mainly using audio from the movie.

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