Friday, October 30, 2009

New PNGs

Credits for the images goes to Winx City Girls


Ian said...

Winx Whitney!! I have something to say. I have a site not TOOO popular, but all of the top Winx bloggers (except for you sadly)have seen it. That's because Phoebe from Winx-Fairies helped me out and the word is slowly getting out. I wanted to know, If you post a link to my site ( on here, I'll post a link to yours on mine. Will you? Please reply. Thanks!!

Winx Whitney said...

i am trying to be a bigger and more popular blog but i would be more than happy to help you, i just looked at your blog and the bloopers for pokemon (saw a pokemon movie before) and winx are amazing, your passion for anime inspires me!! i will post that later on but for now your can keep posting (and getting more followers i hope!) good luck! :)