Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hey everybody!Im believixMusa!
As said in bloomerica's introduction I'm the owner of the blog Winx Club Now and 4Ever !

Ok now some info about me!
My name is Janelle but my blogger name is believixMusa.I like swimming,singing,drawing,reading and pigs(yes pigs this is not a typo,pigs are my fave animal for some odd reason)!Some people think I wanna be a farmer cuz of my love for pigs but no,I'm not the 'get down and dirty' type.I really want to be a singer.My top 3 fave winx are Musa,Roxy then Tecna.I hate vegtable except for potatoes(POTATOES ARE TOTAL OWNAGE!).I play Layla in gracix,a dub made by the talented gracequte!
So there,that pretty much all you need to know!

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