Thursday, January 14, 2010

a little more about darcy. .

Darcy is a young witch also known as "lady of darkness" she is more calm than her sisters (sisters not mentioned) devious and manipulative darcy uses dark magic, she is good at discovering hidden weaknesses and exploiting them. (sounds like azula from avatar: the last air bender) her birthday is november 26 as announced in 4kids dub! she also was seen to have hypnotic powers.
list of power attacks:

Dark Slam: creates a wave of darkness
Remote Witch Slam: creates a hypnotic burst of energy
Clouds of Darkness (Gloomix): creates darkness around only one person
Phsychic Blast (Gloomix): works like a dark dart at an opponent
Cosmic Witcher: affects a person both physically and emotionally
Perfect Darkness (Gloomix): Turns a particular room completely dark
Iiusion Dillusion (Disenchanctix): Creates a illusion of the person's most feared object!
Optical of darkness (Gloomix): turns a person blind
Pauser Hex (Gloomix): freezes a person's momentum
Duplication: darcy can create up to 40 duplicates of herself which attack enemies
Dark Ball: creates a ball of darkness
Dazzle Dart (Disenchantix attack): her most damaging attack so far, she can create many dart and shot it to her intended

First appearance: "truth or dare"
when darcy was a kid in "tears of the black widow" she was roughly eather 12 or 13 and her powers were weaker and not developed!

Stormy and Icy info coming soon!

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