Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winx season four backpack! some concerns. .

From the new line of winx season four fashion here is a picture of what the new backpack may look like, it seems like bloom, flora, and stella in their casual outfits are posing on this colorful backpack but i have a few suggestions:

1. where is the bling bling? add some cute keychains or something

2.why cant tecna, musa, and layla or roxy be on the backpack for ONCE!! why is it ALWAYS flora, bloom, and stella!

3. they need to make their winx logos a little bigger! i cant see them on the key chains at all. .


jeremyswickedcoolsite said...

Would love to know where to get this. My soon-to-be 5-year old daughter is a HUGE Winx fan. I tried to order a backpack on eBay from Hong Kong but the shipment got lost in transit. All the supplier has left are mini backpacks and they're about 9-10 inches tall. Can you tell me where you got this backpack? It would make my daughter's coming Kindergarten year extra special.

Layla n Amentia :) said...

It's in Italy. Unless you live there, you can't get it. I got the matching folders in Italy. Here's a link to a backpack you CAN get!