Wednesday, January 13, 2010

similar outfits

Here are some pictures i took from my winx club magazine! (season 1 magazine #4) here is a little about these pictures

starting from the top,

flora #1 in season three outfit: roxy and flora's shirt both look the same! (the under shirt has both holes on shoulders but roxy's is covered!)

flora #2 in casual season one outfit: here shirt is a little covered by hands but its clear these too pictures are similar in color and shape!

stella in casual season one outfit: here outfit in magazine is same color and almost same size as ther picture of her on the right! (my right! lol) the hair band is exaclly the same but there are pants instead of skirt and the shirt doesnt have a tie!

these magazine pictures were taken by me and the other pictures by internet! Enjoy :)

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gamercatgirl said...

The magazine scans are late concept work. The outfits are so similar to the original civilian outfits from S1 to not be.